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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Welcome to the Tutor Toolkit

Welcome.  This is the first post in the Tutor Toolkit blog.  In this blog I intend to post resources and links to assist private tutors and students to enhance their tutoring experience.  Competition to get admitted to top schools is becoming more intense each year and opportunities for tutoring these young scholars continue to expand.  If you are a student in school looking to assist your peers, you are a college student looking to earn a few extra dollars with your recently acquired knowledge in a subject, or you are a retired professional looking to supplement your retirement income, tutoring is a great way to help yourself and your community. If you are a student or parent looking for a tutor, this blog may also provide you with some insight when looking for a tutor.

There are many options for you as a tutor: 1) work for a local tutoring company in their facility, 2) perform private in home tutoring, 3) work for an on-line tutoring outfit, 4) volunteer to perform free tutoring for those in need.  If you are really serious about it you may want to formally set up your own business and manage a network of tutors.

Personally, I have tutored for years, starting in my undergraduate days at college.  My college had an independent study program in physics for those that desired that path, and to supplement the students own self-learning efforts tutors were also provided to assist.  I did this for a couple of years.  In the intervening years I have tutored junior high school and high school math and science and occasionally more advanced subjects such as calculus and college-level physics.  I found that I really enjoyed tutoring but the jobs I would get were typically by chance, generally by talking to an acquaintance and learning of their need.  Most recently I decided to get more serious about tutoring to supplement my income and after doing some on-line research signed up with Wyzant, a company that matches tutors and students for in-home private tutoring.  I also volunteer at my church where free tutoring is offered.

Wyzant has worked OK for me so far, matching me with several students but I would like to improve on the number of students that I work with during the year.  As time goes on I will wrtite about my own experiences in tutoring, in getting more business and resources that I come across.  In addition, I hope that I can get comments from you, the reader that can be shared with other tutors too.

In my next post I will give you more detail about the Wyzant experience.

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